Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Chinese New Year!

Hello all, it has been awhile!

Here is a cozy little corner in my vintage bed room.

As most of us know it was just Chinese New Year about a week and a half ago now (Chinese New Year is on February 8th and is celebrated on the 7th through the 13th) plus it is the Year of the Monkey (my Chinese horoscope sign is the monkey). I spent this time immersing myself in Chinese/American historical fiction by one of my favorite authors: Lisa See, the books I read were Shanghai Girls and Dreams of Joy (these two are a part of a series) and now I am currently reading China Dolls. China Dolls takes place in the 1930's and it is about 3 Asian American young gals that work in a night club singing and dancing, the night club is on the outskirts of San Francisco's China town, the book goes into their trials and tribulations of working at a night club and in life in general, for these three gals. So far I am about a quarter of the through it and I am really enjoying it!

While reading these books, the author goes into some really good descriptions of authentic Chinese food which has been making my mouth water! There are not any really good Chinese restaurants here where I live any longer but there were some really amazing ones back in the day though. So what else is a girl to do but put on an apron and whip up some Asian inspired meals. Last week I baked a delicate white fish in sesame oil, tamari sauce and Asian spices with some white rice and steamed broccoli, a few days ago I made some home made fried rice and today I made an Asian inspired soup with shrimp, rice noodles and home made Asian five spice seasoning and other Asian herbs and spices. Wow, my kitchen smells so amazing right now!

Well that is for now, I gotta run because I am starving!

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