Tuesday, February 5, 2013

No Poo! The Non Shampoo Method To Washing Your Hair!

Home Remedies
Most of you who have been following my blog for a while know I am a fan of home remedies. I am here today to mention the no poo, shampoo method. I normally have very oily hair, about half way through the day my hair looks like a grease pit but no more! I was willing to try anything to get some balance to my hair and scalp, I was even willing to go without shampoo! (If there was a chance that it would or could make a difference). Well folks I have been doing the no poo method for about 4 months and I noticed a difference right away. This is an all natural way to clean your hair with none of the additives, stabilizers and synthetic fragrances which are not good for a person anyway.

All it takes is baking soda, water and apple cider vinegar. I keep two plastic water tight containers in the shower (make sure they hold at least a measuring cup amount) one with just baking soda in it and the other with the vinegar and water combo.

Also you may have to work with these proportions a little bit to find out what works best for you, because everybody is different. Since my hair is oily I use a little more baking soda then what is recommended but about the same amount of the vinegar and water combo.

Here are the proportions most recommended:

1. Pour about 1 tablespoon of baking soda into the palm of your hand, and moisten it. Massage it into your hair and your scalp. Wait a minute, then rinse. I usually focus the baking soda mainly on the scalp because that is where it gets oily. Make sure you rinse the baking soda out really well otherwise it will be fizzing on your head and you will turn into a science experiment! 

2. Combine 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar (I use Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar) and 1 cup water in your container. You can do this in advance, so you don’t have to mix it up every time you wash, and you probably won’t need the whole cup for a single washing (I use about a quarter of the container for each time). Give the container a good shake, then pour some of the vinegar mixture onto your scalp. Massage it into your scalp and your hair, wait another minute or two, and rinse thoroughly.
That is all! Try it out, it works great for me and it may just do the same for you.




Mariela Santillan said...

This sounds really neat. I've noticed since moving to a higher dry altitude that both my husband's and my hair have taken to getting oilier after of couple days of not washing it. It grosses me out and have been debating on trying dry shampoos between washings. Maybe I'll try this.

Brooksie said...

Hi Mariela! I have no idea if you are going to be checking in back over here or not but I thought I would mention the dry shampoos that are on the market now days work wonders for oily hair!!! I use the ones in a can, you just spray it on like hair spray and then leave it on a moment and brush it out. I use it on my hair about mid day if I am going out and it needs to look fresh. It sucks the oil right up!

Anonymous said...

Lavender vinegar makes great deoderant, apply a couple of drops using a damp cotton pad. Works a treat! (Steep fresh or dried lavender heads in a jar of white vinegar for a week or so, then strain the flower heads) X

Mariela Santillan said...

I have to try that then. I hate having oily hair. It's a huge change for the hubby and I. At least he can hide it with short hair but it more noticeable only length of hair on women.

Dr Blood said...

I recently had 5 days of no poo which was excruciating agony.

After waking up with the worst backache and stomach ache possible, I drank 2 bottles of Milk of Magnesia, 6 Monster energy drinks, ate a bag of gummy bears and waited...

Suffice it to say that I am now completely unblocked.

Brooksie said...

Ha ha Dr Blood! I sent you a message on your Facebook wall for ALL to see!

Dr Blood said...

I know and it's true. I deny nothing. :) But I'm a little bit concerned that you've gone without poo for 4 months. 5 days was bad enough for me. I even considered adding more fibre to my diet. Bacon is fibre, right?