Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another blog contest!!!

The Art Deco Dame is have a blog contest over at her blog: Pretty Little Things. Just go to her link above and become a follower. She has some wonderful pretty little items in her give away. I am going to enter now.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Extra Extra Read all about it! Blog contest over at Annie Pancake and the Time Machine!!!

Hey everbody Annie is celebrating 100 followers so go on over to her blog - she has these most beautiful hairflowers that she has made to give away. So fun and pretty these will be great for dressing up for the holidays or any days!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Big Thanks and contest coming soon!

I just want to say thank you to everybody that has stopped by my blog and left all of the kind messages - you are all "the cats meow"!

Also when I hit 100 blog readers I promised you all that I would have a contest. I am a little over half way so once I do get there - I have a sweet little vintage gift to be sent out to one lucky person. When I get closer to 100 readers I will do another post about this with a picture of the gift to be sent. I will have to get a friend to snap a pic because can you believe I do not even own a camera!?

I have been blogging for almost two years now (it will be two years this coming year around Christmas time) and I have done it with no camera. Amaizing isn't it? Since I do modeling I always have a multitude of pictures of me and other then that I find everything else online or asks friends for a pic etc...but I have been able to make do. My plan is to have a camera before Christmas (a little gift to myself) because I have so many cool things I want to take pictures of and to share with everybody.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Before Pic

Photo by Matt Adamik
I thought I would post a before my new hair cut picture - this picture was taken at the end of May 2010 and is one of the more recent pictures taken of me. Of course the most recent ones are from the Live Art Show last Saturday. The picture was taken by my friend Matt who is a professional photographer, he does really awesome work. I have done a few other shoots with him, one of my favorite shoots was a 1930's themed shoot that looks like I just stepped out of the 1930's. That shoot was taken with my best friend Andrew (who also loves the Art Deco period). I will post some photos of the 30's shoot another time.

Now about my hair...in this picture it was cut in a U shape and is longer in the back (about 4 inches longer or more), I had curled it with hot sticks and took the sticks out just moments before the shoot (when Matt got there the rollers were still in) so you can see how well my hair does not curl.I decided to get my hair cut into a style rather then to leave it long and to try to force it into a style. So I went with my good ol' stand by the Louise Brooks bob also known as the LB bob.

As you can all see the long hair was just not working for me, when ever I would curl it would end up looking stringy and fuzzy. When I would torture it into victory rolls it never looked glossy and smooth but like a couple of fuzz balls on my head. You see my hair is extremely straight naturally along with being fine and soft with a very glassy cuticle and is why it does this style (the LB bob) so well. I have had so many compliments after getting it cut everybody says it is a such a good change and that short hair suits me well.

It only makes sense that it would because not only is the Art Deco period my favorite in history - the clothing of the 20's and the 30's are the most flattering on my figure type because I have a body like a 1920's flapper. So, it is only natural that this type of style would work well for me. I believe there is a period in history that works with every gals figure, face shape, and bone structure. I feel that if more women were to tap into this theory that they would find clothing and hairstyles that would be super flattering to them personally. It makes me want to open a vintage and repro boutique, that specializes in finding the era and silhouette that is perfect for each women. I would of course offer clothing, accessories, hair stylists, and make-up artists. However this is just a dream of mine (one of many) but I have had this one since 2000 when I first had a vision of it in my mind.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Brand New Life

I am sorry everybody it has taken me so long to blog, but I am back! I have had so many changes take place in my life. Three weeks ago I had about 14 inches of my hair cut off and I got this cute little Louise Brooks bob, to show... hey... not only am I changing on the inside I am on the outside too.

My journey all starts over a year ago really when I lost my job (it was one of those jobs where my job was my identity). I struggled and searched to find a job and ended up with temporary jobs and part time stuff but nothing really permanent and nothing really lasted for to long. In May I finally found a wonderful job that I love. It is a permanent, full time position with a family run company that has been around since 1932. I do office work, funny thing is that I work with numbers everyday (even help out with payroll - scary) and I have always been terrified of numbers! I have taken college placement tests and I am at a 3rd grade level in math but in reading and writing I placed at the highest level possible which I guess is like a professor or something...hehehe, this I find amusing because that is before I went through my college courses.

Then in July I broke off an 8 month relationship that was not serving me well in life, this was a very hard thing to do but it had to be done. One thing I need to mention with this is that at least the person I broke it off with, he and I were able to not only remain friends but we are actually best friends.

Next...at the beginning of August I moved into an apartment directly above where I work (the people I work for own the whole building including my apartment). They say my apartment was built prior to the 1930's, I really do not know how old it is but it is so cute and so vintage! I would say it is probably about a 100 years old but I love it. The view I have is so Blade Runner (If you have been following my blog for a while now you will know Blade Runner is one of my all time favorite movies and I like to make references to it every now and again) so that makes it pretty darn cool. Now lets talk about commutes....I went from a 2 hour round trip commute by bus to a 2 minute commute by foot. That was 10 hours a week out of my life spent on the bus. It does not get any better then that considering I do not own a car. Plus a very big bonus is I live within walking distance of down town Portland, I just walk over the Burnside bridge and in about 7 minutes or less, I am there.

The picture above was taken this past Saturday 9-11-2010 at a live art show I was a model in. Being a live art model is a lot of fun (I get paid, a free drink, and to meet fun artistic types) people come to draw, paint, and photograph. This photo was taken by a participant by the name of Linda. Clothing was provided by me from my ever expanding vintage addiction *cough, cough...ahem, I mean collection!