Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hip hip hooray! My prize came all of the way from the UK! Part 2.

Today I received the rest of my prize from winning the blog contest from Bruce over at the Eclectic Ephemera blog! This package contained: Historical headlines, 6 reprinted newspapers taken from the originals covering the last century's greatest stories! Thanks again Bruce, I love everything!!!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Hip hip hooray! My prize came today all the way from the UK!

I won a blog contest back in June on my birthday (June 25th) now how was that for timing! It finally arrived today all the way from the UK! Thank you Bruce Partington-Plans from the Eclectic Ephemera blog for having this contest and thanks for all of these wonderful things. This is what I received: Two reproduction movie posters (North By Northwest and Casablanca), A selection of stories and plays by Oscar Wilde and the Glenn Miller Story on DVD!!! I am so excited to have gotten all of these fabulous goodies. Thanks again Bruce!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

African Safari 1920s Style!

Dreaming of a 1920s Style African Safari!

All pictures found on Google.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Friday, July 6, 2012

Another Key Pendant & Necklace.

I made another key necklace ensemble. The key pendant was actually a bracelet that never would stay attached and would notoriously end up falling of my wrist where I would then find it lying on the ground somewhere. So I thought that the curved shape would make an interesting pendant instead.

I took off the bracelet chain that was attached to the key and kept it for possibly another future project. Then I went to the bead store and I got some dark chain so it would have an antique appearance. I attached it to the key, at the bottom of the key was a tiny ring that was attached (for the bracelet chain to attach to) this was perfect to attach some of the new chain that I bought, just two short lengths to dangle a couple of cute beads off of it. One is a little butterfly carved out of some kind of stone with a bead slightly bigger then a seed bead at the end of it and the other I think is vintage, it is a bell shaped flower with another slightly bigger then a seed bead, bead. I love how the flower is two toned, the outside is silver and the inside is bright red. The last key necklace I made has very muted colors, so with this one I used a combination of soft and bright.

No pun intended here but the key is if something does not work do not get rid of it just rework it into something new that does work for you!