Friday, August 28, 2009

Brooksie drawing by artist.

A couple months ago I had an artist by the name of Joseph Washinowski contact me wanting to draw my picture and here it is. I had been anxiously awaiting my drawing for a while and I was so happy when Joseph contacted me with the results. I have also included the photo that he used for this drawing. If you are interested in seeing more of Joseph's work you can go to and enter his #181686.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Here is a close up of my sunglasses, you can see the shape better but you still can not see the intricate design work on them but oh well, I did end up having another professional shoot the other day and maybe with some of those you will be able to see some of the design work.

Fun new glasses!

I just thought I would share a picture of my new cat eye glasses (ones on the bottom left of course) I got for my Birthday. I know, I know, my birthday was back in June and I am just now posting but I have been so awful durn busy and I still am but I just had one moment of free time.

My friend Diana is an optition and one of the eye clinics she works for just happen to have a boxful of new old stock vintage frames. She knows that I am an avid vintage collector and wearer so she knew these glasses would be just perfect for me. These glasses are just for reading only, because I am far sighted, I only need glasses for reading. The last pair of reading glasses I had back in 2005 got ran over back when I was in truck driving school in Texas. I always said my next pair of glasses would be original cat eyes from the 50's. These glasses originally came from a company called Swank from France - the company I guess was big back in the 50's and 60's and I believe the company closed down about 30 years ago. These frames are in pristine condition because they were all wrapped up and sitting in a box for the last 50 years or more. They are a nice golden fawn color. The pearl eye glass chain I made (because I am a beader), lends both a classic and librarianesqe' look to it all.

The next glasses I want to get my hands on are my moms glasses that she wore when she was a kid in the 1940's (during WWII time) they are very thin gold wire frames - perfectly round with the wire that wraps around your ear. I will have her perscription taken out and my reading glass put in its place, thats what I have Diana for. These will be mine very soon one day, sorry no picture.
The ones on the left at the top are my new sunglasses that I bought for an incredible price from Diana, after she gave me my cat eyes for my b-day I mentioned needing some vintage sunglasses she told me that she had some of those frames too. The next day she brought me a few to look over and to pick out one. The ones I chose are the ones on the left - they are a silvery grey and I had her put in a grey, green glass lens. If I were to do it all over I would of had a very dark black lens put in it because my eyes are pretty sensitive to the light, these are great for over cast days, or in fall and spring when the sun is not as intense. So now I really need a very dark lens for summer.
These sunglass frames are again new old stock 50's from Swank optical from France. I will try to find a close up picture so you all can see the fabulous design work around the top and the sides. It looks like little intricate gold vines with leaves, they are versitle too and can be worn with either gold or silver jewelry - they are so beautiful and I get compliments all of the time on them.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

New favorite blog - with a fabulous hat giveaway contest!

I have just stumbled apon my new favorite blog: Vixen Vintage. This blog is fabulous I would call it a vintage girls best friend. Right now the Vixen is having a great little hat giveaway so check it out:
Get your entry in and goodluck!