Monday, May 23, 2011

Checking in, seamed stockings, and blog contest!

Yes, I am still alive in case any of you were wondering. I am taking a moment to come up to the surface to grab some air and to check in and say hi. I have been pretty darn busy these days.

I know I have been promising a blog contest for a while now, just as soon as I hit the 100 mark, I have been hovering between 90 and 92 for a month or two now. I can do it I know I can! I have wonderful things to give away - make up and a beautiful vanity set.

Also I scored a whole box full of about 20 pairs (my size) never been worn vintage (nude color) stockings half were seamed and half were unseamed which is great because I wear both. I was pretty stoked about this because the few pairs I did have were not going to last forever!

Photo by de Santis Photography