Sunday, June 17, 2012

Vintage silk flower pins.

I like to find vintage silk flower pins at flea markets, thrift stores and sales. The ones I look for are usually pretty dilapidated looking (I can get them for really cheap that way) then I breathe new life into them by simply using my clothing steamer. This little carnation pin looked almost like a pancake when I found it then voila'! Now look at how pretty it looks. This particular pin looks to be made out of a very thin fine velvet with a tiny bit of stiffness around the edges to make it look more carnation like, most flower pins I have found are made of silk. This little flower is fun to wear on a vintage hat or on a lapel of a jacket like a corsage.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


I love to make things, especially things that are made out of recycled stuff and items I have around the apartment. I did not have to buy a single thing to make these scrapbooks it was all stuff I already had.

The cover of the scrapbook on the left I made out of a very pretty file folder that I had not been using so I cut it to size and punched some holes in it and voila! The ribbon I had hanging around for a while. The vintage button I got at last years Day of the Dead festival (a lady named Shera that goes every year recognizes me each time and comments on my vintage style-she asked me if I wanted a couple of small plastic bags of vintage buttons, she let me know none of them matched - of course I said yes!) Who can pass up a little bag of mismatched vintage buttons! I just knew one day they would work out nicely in some sort of craft project! The dark green stretchy piece of ribbon that is around the button has a new purpose as the closure (was a bit of string really that came with an old key that I had). The paper inside is fancy paper that I got back in the 90's to use for resumes. Then  people started to send resumes via e-mail and fax so I had some fancy high quality paper looking for a good purpose. This scrapbook I made and gave to my sister in law as a way to say thank you for helping me out so much.

The scrapbook on the right was actually the first one I made and it was just an experiment really. The cover is made from a cereal box which I cut down to size, turned it so the printed side is on the inside and the cardboard grey side I painted with acrylic paint and I took a post card from my small post card collection that I started back in the 80's and glued it onto the cover. The silver yarn is yarn that I got for a knitting project ages ago that I never finished but I have been loving this silver yarn it has a little stretch to it also and comes in handy for many things. Of course the paper inside the scrapbook is the same fancy smancy paper that is in the other scrapbook only it is a different color.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Over at the Speakeasy!

Hey ya'll come on over to TheRitzyFlapper's Blog she has a chat session going on: we are just kickin back having a good ol' chat!

Outfit for today

Today's outfit was a fun and colorful one! I decided to do a 1940's turban because I have been very inspired by some of the other bloggers lately. I had errands to do today so I was walking to the stop to catch the city train because I had to go to the mall to drop off some things at the shoe repair place. It was fun to see the people stare at me and also fun to see people get big huge smiles on there faces, now that was the best! On the way back I was walking in the cross walk in front of a bus and there was a guy on the bus in a fedora with some round vintage looking sun glasses he sat up real straight and kept looking and looking at me as I was going by, he must have been a kindred spirit!

Okay so now for the outfit details:

Hair turban is made up of 3 scarves - One is a silk vintage novelty tourist scarf that is all about California (it was thrifted) the next one is a red chiffon (also thrifted) the one on the very bottom that you can not see (from the Vintage by the Pound Store - more on that another time).

Hat pins - Larger one with pearls and rhinestones (from my mom), the small one - it may even be a straight pin with a pearl on the end of it but it makes a great hat/scarf pin (came from my grandmas sewing box).

1930's cotton dress - Gift.

Bakelite bangles all except the largest one (the one that is orange, red and yellow) I think is Lucite - Various antique malls, stores and shows.

Hosiery - Thrift store (never worn still in the original package).

Shoes Bandolino brand - thrift store

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Most Fabulous Catalogs!

A friend of mine was cleaning out his mom's basement and ran across these: A National Cloak & Suit Company Catalog, Fall & Winter of 1924 and 1925. Plus a Montgomery Ward & Co. Catalog, Fall & Winter of 1927 and 1928. He knew I was just the person to give them to.What a gift! I have been longing for some 1920's catalogs for ages!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Give a way going on over at Fifties Darling's Blog!

Just saying hi to y'all, I hope your Sunday is going well. I also wanted to share this very cute little purse that is a give a way item over on the Fifties Darling blog:

The purse is describe as dark blue leather, it has a long strap and is not too large actually my favorite kind of purse! So go on over to Fifties Darling's blog have a peak and sign up for it like I am going to do right now.