Monday, January 6, 2014

Queen for a Day!

I ran across this old article of me that was on the Queens of Vintage a few years ago now, I can not believe I never did share it with ya'll out there in blog land. Well you know what they say right? Better late than never! Here is the link to the Queens of Vintage website just in case you are not familiar with them:

Our beautiful Vintage Queen number 69 loves  the Twenties and Thirties. Whether she is portraying a Twenties cabaret dancer or flapper one day and then onto a Thirties housewife or socialite the next, she is the quintessential Art Deco Girl.
Brooksie started off getting into things of this nature from a very early age; she remembers listening to old time jazz and swing with her grandma at the age of five.
When she was in grade school her parents used to take her to the local pizza parlor where they used to show silent films from the teens and Twenties with an in house organ player just like in the old days.
She used to sit enthralled in front of the movie screen watching damsels in distress over root beer and pizza.
Brooksie started collecting small vintage accessories such as compacts, brooches, hankies, and scarves (she inherited her first vintage items when her grandma passed away when she was nine). She has been collecting accessories, vintage clothes, and antiques for almost three decades now.
Currently Brooksie lives in Portland Oregon, she is a vintage clothing model, buyer and seller of vintages clothes, she also sells vintage lingerie, small accessories, and jewelry at burlesque shows in the Portland area.
You can read more about the adventures of Brooksie on her blog at:

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