Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Speakeasy Themed Video!

Not too long ago I was invited to be an extra in a 1920's/1930's speakeasy themed video. My friend Ashly came along and joined me. The video was filmed at Kelly's Olympian in Portland Oregon. My friends Russell, Susan and Lindsey are the main dancers in this video (I did a post about them a few weeks back for Susan's birthday) they put this video together for the 4th annual (2012) Jazz Dance Film Festival music video contest.

The music is Smokey Joe's Holiday and is by the Stolen Sweets, a 1930's style jazz band. Ashly and I are in the back, I am short the short one with a long black silk 1930's dress on with a 1930's yellow rayon short sleeve bolero jacket, Ashly is next to me in all black. Being a part of the making of this video was tons of fun, I was so glad and honored to be apart of it!



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MistressCatgirl said...

What a great opportunity! I'd be too self-conscious to ever be in a video.