Friday, October 5, 2012

Outfit posts.

I have a couple of outfits to show you tonight:

Wednesday Night Outfit
Thursday Night Outfit
Wednesday night I went out to dinner with friends and this is the description of what I wore:

Black leather jacket - Pacific City Library Thrift Store
Vintage cardigan - Bombshell Vintage
Corset - Thrifted
Choker - Free pile from yard in Gresham Oregon
Purse - Gift from mom
Leopard print pencil skirt - Fantasy Adult Store
Shoes - Goodwill
Bakelight bracelets - Various antique, thrift and vintage stores.

Thursday night I went to a burlesque show and I was the stage kitten and this is what I wore (I did not take the broom with me to the show I only used it for modeling):

Mini witches hat - Antique mall in Hillsboro Oregon
Vintage bed cape - Fabs Gabs booth at the Portland Antique Show a few years ago
Vintage showgirl/sequined body suit - Red light
Nude fish net tights - Nordstrom's several years ago
1920's style shoes, they originally came with black ribbon but I change them out with pink ribbon sometimes - Shoes are from Bombshell Vintage with pink ribbon from Oblation Press (the ribbon says Je t' aime which means love in French)
Pink pearl bracelet and earings - Gift from Hawaii
Broom - 10 Thousand Villages a fair trade store

Until next time!


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Jessica Cangiano said...

A huge oh-la-la for both of these entrancing looks! I'm especially smitten with your leopard print pencil skirt. I have a great circle skirt in a very similar print, but not a pencil skirt. You've definitely encouraged me to step up my hunt on that front! :)

♥ Jessica