Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Blog Contest Coming Soon!

I am excited to announce as soon as I reach 100 followers (which will be right around the corner!) I will be having a 1950's themed contest. (I know it is not Art Deco but that is ok because hey the 50's are very cool too). Here is a teaser for now with a description of what you will be getting but I will not post a pic until closer till the time (just to keep you in further suspense). Drum roll please.....I will be giving a way a 1950's silver plated vanity set which includes a mirror, comb and brush. To go along with the 50's theme I will be giving away some make-up which will include bright red lipstick and black liquid eye liner. To top it all off with will be a 6.7 ounce body lotion which is called none other than...50's Glam! The 50's Glam essence is a romantic bouquet of blushed florals, voluptuous fruits and fresh sophistication. This description makes me think of Audrey Hepburn! There you have it - so what do you think folks?

Ciao for now!


Miss Dollie DeVille said...

Soooooo excited! :)


Kim Bombshell said...

Can't wait!

Julie said...

Reminds you of Audrey Hepburn... except the "voluptuous fruit" part, perhaps? Heehee!