Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Outfit post and a pilgrimage to Goodwill to save the vintage from Halloween!

Here is what I wore today:

I had a chiropractor appointment today, these were taken after my appointment which is why I have no make-up on and my hair is a little messy (she does an adjustment and massage). I had a lunch and Goodwill shopping date and some errands to do today. Sorry my apartment is a little crazy looking, it is a 300 sq. foot studio and is jam packed full of stuff but at least it is all fun girly stuff and antiques which is what I love!

Here is what I am wearing:

The top cardigan sweater is newer originally from Brass Plum given to me from a friend.

Sweater layered underneath is a 1940's short sweater with short sleeves from the Rose City Round Up 2008 (Rose City Round Up is a Rockabilly Weekend car show that is every year here in Portland Oregon, vendor from Hood River Oregon).

Skirt was from Bombshell Vintage it is made of 1940's bark cloth from a 1940's wrap around skirt pattern. The lady who originally owned them had them made for her in New Mexico.

Tights are from American Apparel which I normally do not shop there except they do have a very huge and wonderful section in their store just devoted to tights plus I got some very nice high waist vintage looking soft rose colored panties a while back.

Shoes are 1940's dance shoes from Lulu's Vintage.

Purse is hand tooled leather (I LOVE anything that is made of hand tooled leather!!!) from the Barely Worn Shop in Portland.

On to the next subject, every year I make a pilgrimage to Goodwill to save the vintage from Halloween which is where I basically go to the Goodwill's in the area and try to scoop as much vintage as possible and save it from the horrendous fate of being destroyed and turned into someones very hideous Halloween costume. Today was day one and I went to two different Goodwill's. Here is what I found:

At Goodwill number one I found this adorable little vintage coconut purse, originally from Hawaii! I saved it from becoming apart of a Tiki gone bad themed costume or at least this is the fate I had imagined for it! This was a steal at $1.99!

I picked these cuties up at Goodwill number two. They do not appear to be vintage but I could not pass them up because they remind me of shoes someone would have worn in the 50's, I love the kitten heel and the leopard print and yes somebody could have scooped them up for a horribly bad Halloween costume at  $3.99 half price and my size I could not let that happen!!! I will be pairing these with a leopard print pencil skirt soon. I can also picture them with some 1950's skinny Capri pants or cigarette style pants. Between now and Halloween I will be hitting up other Goodwill's to save the vintage... so stay tuned this is only the beginning there will be more adventures to follow!

Until next time!



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