Sunday, May 27, 2012

When the roses bloom

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Portland (my home town) is known as the city of roses because our climate is one of the most ideal for growing roses plus there are many rose gardens around our city. Every year we have a big rose festival and parade that dates back to 1904. The festival used to be the first week in June, now it starts out on the last Friday in May and goes until the second Sunday in June. To learn more about the history of the festival and to see more beautiful pics like the one above go to:

Roses are one of my favorite flowers so I thought I would make a little display of rose themed items: Vintage  PJ's and bloomers with rosebud print (thrifted several years ago), rose and ribbon bedspread (garage sale), red silk hair flower (online), ivory hair flower (I made), rose soap and fabulous rose gift box it came in (gift from a past coworker) when I get highly scented soaps for I gift I put them in my dresser drawers to make things smell nice. I have other rose themed items but I decided to keep the photo styling simple and to focus on just a few key pieces.