Thursday, May 3, 2012


Yes, I own a pair of vintage spats and I love them. I wore them today because it was raining cats and dogs here this morning in Portland. I wore them non stop during the winter and I am putting them to good use with all of this rain we have been having this spring. I recommend them for all vintage lovers that live in wet cold places (they keep your feet very warm and dry) plus they look stylish, they are well worth the money. Also I have seen spats in the Fall & Winter 1924/1925 National Cloak and Suit Co. catalog (of which I have a copy of).   They call them ankle gators and they were selling them back then for .95 cents a pair!

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Stephanie Ruby Feldman said...

Love them! Gracious I wish I could find such treasures!! Thank you by the way for the very kind words on my last blog post...sending gentle hugs!