Friday, May 18, 2012

Outfit for today plus my latest acquisition!

Adorable enamel butterfly pin from Lulu's Vintage.

Today's outfit:

Hat - Free from a naked lady clothing exchange party.
1930s Dress - Free, I got it from a store called Helping Hands (no longer open) that helped out people who are jobless (which I was a couple of years ago and I am yet again) they would let you take home 8 items a week. They had mostly modern day stuff however I found and took home some other vintage items (seamed stockings, gloves, hat, purse etc...)
Red slip under dress - Gifted
Waist sash/pure silk ribbon - oblationpapers
Knee socks - lilleboutique
1940's dance shoes - lulusvintage Ann is the owner of Lulu's vintage (her nick name is Lulu and is a friend of mine). She has a store not to far from where I live, I was in the neighborhood so I stopped in to say hi. Lulu took some pictures of me in her store today in my vintage outfit, I am sure I will end up over in her blog and when I do I will post the pics.

Also while I was there I picked up this super cute enamel butterfly pin, I already have one enamel pin that I got about a year ago at a different place. It is a moth and is a very pretty brownish wine color with yellowy gold highlights in the wings. Ever since I bought it I have been in love with enamel vintage jewelry and I told myself if I found another moth or butterfly I would buy it, so home it came with me. I bought that one from a gal who said it belonged to her grandma in the 1940s, which I assume this pin is from the 1940s too. If I remember correctly the gal I bought it from said her grandma was from Hungry and this is where the pin came from. I have a very large brooch/pin collection (over 50!) I inherited many from my grandma and my mom gave me several, then I started adding to the collection myself. I will be doing a post of my brooch collection soon (that way you all can see the enamel moth pin plus more).

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Jessica Cangiano said...

Ooooh, what a delightfully pretty outfit! I adore the cranberry hue of those marvelous socks, as well as your matching shoes. Gorgeous outfit from top to bottom, dear gal.

Thank you very much for your encouraging, kind comment on my Saturday Snapshots post this week. After that experience a few days ago, I spent a good part of the week reflecting on being an introvert and a shy person, and determined that it's best to keep venturing outside of my comfort zone even if it means receiving less than stellar responses sometimes. After all, as they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained :)

Thanks again, sweet lady - hope you have a beautiful Sunday,
♥ Jessica