Saturday, October 3, 2009

Shopping on Hawthorne and Blade Runner as inspiration.

When life gets tough I shop, I had a traumatic thing happen this week so in order to cope I went shopping. At least I did not spend very much money and there of course can be much worse vice's such as drinking, smoking, or drugs.

First I went to The Red Light store on Hawthorne because I had a bag of stuff to trade, I found this most wonderful 1940's charcoal color wool ladies suit jacket, it has a nipped in waist with a little bit of a peplum at the bottom and three really cool looking buttons. When I got it home I realized that I have a skirt that is made from the exact same charcoal wool so I now own a beautiful suit. It has a very - Racheal from Blade Runner - look to it.
I also got a cherry red wool beret because they are always fun to wear in the fall in winter, I plan on dying a pair of pink gloves that I have the same cherry red color so I will have gloves to match. After the trade I only paid $4.oo for the jacket and the beret...not bad.
Then I went to Buffalo Exchange and I found a pair of Coture Donald J Pliner shoes, they are 1940's repro platform peep toe pumps in a brown reptile - they marked as a size 6 1/2 but they looked way bigger - I kept on thinking to myself, they look like they would fit. So I decided to try them on and they fit! They were totaly mismarked because I wear a size 7 1/2, they were originally $38.00 at Buffalo Exchange because I guess that Donald Pliner is a uber popular shoe designer right now (who would have known, not me, I just liked them because they look like 1940's peep toe platforms!) but they were marked down to half price because they were not fitting anybody with a size 6 1/2 foot (they had been at Buffalo Exchange since August) once I got home I looked up this designer and his shoes go for around $300.00 or just slightly under. My shoes do not even look like they have ever been worn. These shoes will go perfet with my nice 1940's chocolate brown and cream tweed suit that is piped in chocolate brown velvet, that I got in the middle of summer at the last Portland Antique Show. Now I just need to take the suit in and have the jacket altered. Which is what I finally did do with the black light weight wool 1940's jacket that I got from the antique show before the last., yay it was about time and just in time for the fall/winter.
The last thing I bought at Buffalo Exchange was a straw 1950's handbag - I always seem to buy things out of season but that is ok I just put it away and pull it out when the time comes and it is just like Christmas all over again! This bag is super adorable, it has red straw flowers and two tone green leaves that have been stitched on with yarn, it looks like a nice hand bag to go with my 1950's resort wear or perhaps I may be able to use it at Christmas time with the red and green it has going on.
After I am done decompressing from my latest trauma I will go back to volunteering at the office and I will have a whole new (vintage wardrobe) and I bet you can tell what my theme/inspiration will be...Blade Runner. Now I just need a big huge fluffy fur coat!

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