Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Devil at Dusk - Installment Twenty Three

Welcome to installment twenty three of Devil at Dusk:

On Friday my parents picked up Will and drove him back to Laurel for the weekend so he could spend some time with the Russians to help them out with the horse riding school. We all made sure to watch him like a hawk while he was here, we had to keep him as safe as possible. The Russians were good people and we were very lucky to find such a competent duo to take over the school. When the weekend finally ended my parents and Will went back to Chicago. I sure did miss having little Will around; he always had a smile on his face and a friendly hello for me every time he saw me.

The day after the family left there had been more reports and calls in of another UFO sighting. Three different people who lived in town said they had seen a large round object with many lights hovering over town for several minutes, and then the thing just zoomed off. They all said they had been up pretty late the night before and they all had seen it either just before or just after midnight. I went out and spoke to all of them and took down their statements. I wonder how many others had seen it but just did not call.

Time was really flying along here since I first got to Laurel; the month of May was soon drawing to a close. On May 30th it was Memorial Day and I know it was a day to pay respects and to remember our loved ones we lost who had served our country but yet I still felt compelled to bring flowers to both the graves of JT and Bet. I took the day off and spent about an hour in the cemetery just appreciating the peace and quiet. I made sure that the graves of JT and Bet were tidy and well decorated. When I was done I met up with Jerry because he was off for the day and we had a picnic, we drove a few towns over where there was a big beautiful park with a river flowing through it. It ended up being a very lovely day. The next day was May 31st and I was back to work.

On June 1st another body was found!

To be continued...

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