Sunday, October 25, 2009

Brooksie goes to the largest antique show in America!

Yesterday I went to the Palmer Wirf's Portland Antique Show with a couple of my vintage pals. Palmer Wirf's Portland Antique Show is America's largest antique and collectable show. It is located at the Portland Expo Center and it happens three times a year, in October, March, and July. I try to go at least twice a year. July is probably the best because not only do they have three halls inside filled to the brim they also have about just as many booths set up outside. This year they had 1026 booths all crammed together in two halls.

Every time I go I dress up in full on vintage attire which is not really anything new for me, most days I get dressed up in vintage attire. I went with two very dapper gentlemen also dressed up in vintage suits. Every time we go to this show people fawn all over us and tell us they love that we dressed up. The vendors usually end up giving us a discount because they want us to buy from them.

Sorry I do not have any pictures but I can describe what I was wearing... A British tweed (brown and cream, trimmed in chocolate brown velvet-I would say that it is post war either late 40's or early 50's) ladies suit, skirt and jacket. I had on sheer seamed stockings that are just hair darker then nude (which is great for wearing with fall tones) with a black seam and cuban heel with that I had on my couture Donald J. Pliner aligator repro 1940's peep toe pumps. I wore my hair pulled back into a chignon with my bangs rolled under and I have a pair of cute earings that are perfectly round and they match the chocolate brown velvet trim of the suit.

I bought this tweed suit last July at the antique show when it was about 90 degrees out and nobody wanted to even think about wool tweed except for me (even though I was sweating at the show I knew one day I would be very, very cold again because I get really cold very easily) they were selling the suit for $15.00 because for one it was wayyyy out of season. I asked if they would take $10.00 because I would have to have the jacket altered. They said yes...well, when I went to pick it up from my lady who does alterations about a week and half ago she said the suit was a most excellent find (she had no idea what I had paid for it) but she had said that it was made with couture techniques which means it is of the utmost highest in qaulity! I love the lable is says: Exclusive British Tweed tailored by Handmacher. I got so many compliments on my outfit and so many questions, like I do every time that I go.

While I was there I picked up a few very nice things: 2 pairs of Givinchy seamed stockings (nude with a nude seam - never been worn, still with box and stickers on the stockings), a very cute small red velvet 40's/50's hat with a cute little embellishment on it, a beautiful 1940's black velvet skirt with rhinestones and a black embroidered small rope like pattern that is on the front only and goes from the waistband down a little more then half way down the front of the skirt... the skirt has a tear in it so it will have to be taken up some which is ok because I think it is a little long anyways plus this skirt will go perfect with a top that a lady that I know gave me a couple months ago - the top is 1940's black rayon with buttons down the back and short sleeves and it also has rhinestones in a diamond pattern on the chest right in the center with the same rope style embroidery, she gave it to me because it does not fit her anylonger and she knew I would appreciate it because I am always wearing vintage. The next thing I got at the show is a pair of super cool 1950's cat eye sunglasses they are a really pretty pearly green color like a cross between a jade and an emerald they have green lenses and have rhinestones up in the corner of each cat eye. Then last but not least I got a very pretty vintage red (my favorite color) glass bead choker (the beads are very dainty pretty - not a big chunky 70's choker more like a pretty 40's or 50's one) it is hand knotted in between each bead, the bead sizes are varigated to go from the smallest in the back to the biggest in the center plus it has a couple of rhinestone rondelles in there also. Hmmm it looks like I have a theme going on this time....40's/50's velvet, rhinestones, and jewel tones. I don't think you can beat that!

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