Monday, January 31, 2011

Windmill in neon!

Photo by Vintage Roadside: you can also find Vintage Roadside on Facebook: check em' out there are some great vintage sign pics on here!

I was inspired by this neon sign tonight while out and about in my hood. I was making my way home (on foot) from the chiropractors office (at about this exact time of night where the sky looked just like it did in the picture above) I saw the windmill and thought wow that will make a great story for my blog (I find inspiration anywhere and everywhere) plus it goes great with my most recent neon theme. So I found this pic and got permission (plus made a new cyber friend in the process - thanks Jeff!) and then did a little research about the Miller Paint Company:

Ernest Miller was born in Germany, he was a scenic painter and also painted houses, he moved to Portland Oregon in 1885. He was not very happy with the house paints at the time. For one thing paints came from back east and had to be shipped all over "tarnation" (this is a whole other interesting story for a whole other time!) just to get here to the west coast. The quality of the paint was not able to hold up to our wonderful Pacific Northwest weather-now imagine that!

In 1890 Ernest purchased a stone mill and began manufacturing his own paints. His paints were such high quality that other paint contractors asked him if they could use his paints and alas the Miller Paint Company was born! The company remained a family company for many years and generations. It was the dream of Walt Miller - Ernest's youngest son who became the company manager until his death in 1990 - for the company to remain independent and employee owned, in 1999 Walt's wish finally came true for the Miller Paint Company. The company has grown to include 35 stores. Their goal has remained the same after all of these years: To provide the highest quality products available, with extraordinary customer service!

So if it is great paint you are after think of Miller Paint. It has been made in the Northwest for the Northwest since 1890!

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Julie said...

I LOVE Miller paint (and their signage)! I painted an old bedroom with the low-VOC stuff and was sitting in there reading within a couple hours. Good stuff, and worth the extra $ to not breathe chemicals.