Friday, April 16, 2010

Easter Hat Parade

I am sorry it has taken me so long to get these photos posted. I have been having many internet troubles for several days. The Easter Hat Parade was loads of fun! It was the Saturday before Easter. We started off at Pioneer Square in down town Portland, there were so many photographers there it felt like the paparazzi was there.

Along the way we stopped off at the Benson Hotel because it made for a grand setting for photos:

Here is a picture of me at Elephants Deli which was our final destination for the parade. It was a great place to end the parade because they have the most lovely foods, pasteries, and beverages:

In this pic I have on my hat that I won from Solanah's contest that she had a couple months ago, I have a huge hat collection and out of all of them I decided the one that I won from Solanah would be the very best. To check out Solanah's wonderful blog just go here:
My outfit:
Vintage hat from fellow blogger Solanah
Vintage pale pink blouse from Red Light Store
Full length dark peachy pink slip was thrifted
Light pink skirt from a 24 hour yard sale (I caught the very tale end of the sale and they just wanted to get rid of everything - so I got 3 wonderful skirts for a dollor!)
Black Boots from Meier and Frank (pre Macy's - tells you how long I have had them)
I really wanted to wear one of my pretty vintage flowered dresses with some beautiful strappy shoes for the Easter Parade but it ended up being very, very, wet that day. I wore my long black wool coat, my pink, black, and white Pendleton scarf, my little black vintage unbrella with the lavender rhinestone handle, and my trusty black boots. I ended up going with the pink for spring and the black because it still felt like winter.
Oh yes and I did end up being on TV, I would post this video onto my blog but I can not for the life of me figure out how to down load the video and put it here on my blog. Oh well.

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Francy said...

How fun! I love your outfit! You have a lovely blog, I'm so happy I found it!