Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Devil at Dusk Installment number eighteen!

Here is a link to part one of Devil at Dusk for those of you that are interested in reading the series from the start: http://artdecogirls.blogspot.com/2013/05/van-pelt-1950s-private-investigator.html

Welcome and thank you for joining us for installment number eighteen of Devil at Dusk!

On the fifth day of searching for Bet, I did not go because I had to spend some time at the office. I could not neglect the business any longer. After a long day of catching up at the office I went home. Once I got home I put on my apron and started cooking some dinner. A few moments later there was a knock at my door and I went to it. It was Jerry, I told him to come in. I asked if he wanted a cup of tea or coffee, he said tea would be great. I motioned for him to have a seat on the couch while I made us some tea, several moments later I came back with the tea. I sat in the chair across from Jerry and he leaned in close to me. He says to me I am so sorry but I have some bad news to share. I said no! Please say it is not so!!!  I tried to hold back my tears because I wanted to remain strong but I just could not do it.

He leaned forward even closer and took both of my hands in his and held onto them. He said to me I am so sorry to have to be the one to bring you this news. In between sobs I asked him where they found her. He told me in an old abandoned car out in a field with weeds about knee high. Normally they call me out when they find the victims and I take the pictures and notes, this time they did not. Jerry took the notes and the pictures. They did not want for me to have to see my dearest friend like that. I thanked him for coming to let me know and I told him I needed some time alone at that moment. I walked him to the door and told him good night. He said he would call me.

I was in shock, I just kept hoping we would find her alive and well. I knew in my heart though when she did not turn up after the first day that was never going to happen. I took a couple of days off, during that time I got together with Bet’s parents (they had already been contacted by Jerry, so I did not have to break the news to them) I spoke to them about funeral arrangements. We set up the funeral for Tuesday March 28th. I was still reeling over the thought of Bet, my best friend in the whole wide world not ever being there, ever again! I cried for days.

I started to think about little Will, he was now a target for the killer! Since now the killer had murdered two members of the same family. I became very alarmed at that thought. My only idea and his only hope was to get him out of Laurel ASAP! After Bet’s funeral, I went and talked to Bet’s parents about my fears for Will. They had agreed that he was very much in danger. My best suggestion was to send him to Chicago to the boy’s boarding school which was only 6 blocks from my mom and dad’s house. This way he would be protected there and within walking distance of people who already consider him family. My mom and dad have always loved little Will, just like one of their own. He was really like a grandson to them anyways since they did not already have any grandchildren. I had spoken to my parents on the phone and they thought it was a great idea. Will would be able to sometimes come home (to the van Pelt's) for lunch and always on the weekends.  There would also be opportunities for Will to come over to the van Pelt’s during the week at times after school. Plus they would be there if he ever got sick also. Will’s grandparents and I would travel to Chicago to have holidays with everybody at my parent’s house.

My parents know the people who own and run the boarding school; they told me they were very honest and good people.  Next we had to break the news to Will. Will’s grandparents and I sat down with him; we explained we had to do this for his safety. He listened to what we had to say and he said he was so glad that he would be able to see his nana and papa van Pelt all of the time now. Then he started crying and said he was so sad he would not ever see his momma again! I took him in my arms and I held onto him tight while he cried. I told him his momma was now an angel up in heaven looking down upon the earth, watching over him and making sure that he would be safe. He asked me if she would be able to see him in Chicago. I told him no matter where he went in the world she would see him. I told him she would have wanted this for him, it was the best solution. He said he would do it because he did not want the bad man to come get him too.

To be continued…….

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