Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Devil at Dusk - Installment Number Fourteen

1950's Film Noir themed stories and photos
Photo by Dave Haworth: davesphotoexploration.wordpress.com

Welcome again everybody for installment number fourteen of Devil at Dusk!

Once I got to the office, I pulled out my notes regarding Mr. Boggs. I typed up a full report of what I found pertaining to Lenny plus the few pictures that I had taken. Then I called over to Mrs. Boggs’ house and asked her if she had a moment to speak with me, she told me to come on over. I drove over and she met me at the door and let me in. I explained to Mrs. Boggs’ that her husband had not been cheating that he was just having an occasional boys night out which entailed having Chinese food by himself for dinner and then pool with the boys in the lounge and occasional flirting with the cocktail waitresses.

She said ah yes, you must be referring to Ling’s; they have the best food in town. I replied yes and the friendliest staff in town also! Mrs. Boggs’ started to laugh and I joined in. I could tell she was relieved to find out that Lenny was not cheating on her. I gave her the report I had typed and the bill for what she owed, she paid it and I gave her a receipt. I told Mrs. Boggs’ thank you very much and headed on my way. I went home and had dinner, then did a little bit of reading and got ready for bed.

The next morning I went back to Mrs. Rothschild’s house to interview all of her employees. I interviewed them separately for about a half hour each in the library. When I was done I collected my notes and all of my things. I told Mrs. Rothschild that I was done and that I would call her when I got back into town.  I headed to the office and attached the notes to the file I made for Mrs. Rothschild. I left the file on the desk with a note for Bet to type the notes (keep the originals) and put them all in the file. In the note I wrote to her, I reminded her that if she needed me while I was in Chicago I would be over at mom and dad’s off and on while I was there. I went back to the cottage and got ready for my trip to Chicago. I went to bed early that night and was up bright and early the next day.

Saturday March 7th, 1955 at 8:00 am I was on the road again heading back to Chicago. While I was there I was going to see my mom and dad, clear out my apartment then connect with Winslow my old boss at the investigation firm I used to work at in Chicago. I was also going to visit all of my friends who were planning a big going away party for me. This time I did not need to be in such a hurry on this road trip as the last one, thank goodness. At 6:00 pm I got to the halfway point found a motel to stay at, I went and had some dinner then went back to the room to listen to the radio and read the paper. Finally I drifted off to sleep and was awake and on the road at 7:00 am.

I was pulling up in mom and dad’s driveway just in time for dinner. They heard my car pull in and they both ran out and gave me a big hug hello. I came in and put my things down while mom tells me to go and wash up. We all sit down for dinner, mom made a roasted chicken with all of the fixings! She made sure to have my favorite meal all ready for me. They asked me a lot of questions at dinner about my life in Laurel and how “the family” was doing down there. Then they asked me questions about the investigation and the firm I inherited from JT. They told me that Nathan – my older brother and only sibling - was going to be coming down for a small vacation in a couple of days. Nathan went to law school; he passed the bar a few years ago then moved to Boston to work in a large law firm. I had not seen Nathan since he moved away; it would be great to see my big brother. Nathan is five years older than me; I always admired and looked up to him. Mom and dad both said they were so proud of both of us (with me being an investigator and Nathan an attorney).

After dinner we all went in to the parlor to relax, read the paper and listen to the radio. That evening before it got dark I headed over to my apartment in down town Chicago. I had called ahead to let the apartment manager know that I would be moved out by the end of the week. I had tried to make it back to Chicago right after JT passed away and right before the first of the month but then the latest murder back in Laurel happened so I was not able to make it back at that time. So I took the first opportunity that I had to get back here. I spent the night in my old apartment and the next morning mom and dad met me here to help me get my things cleared out. We ended up donating my furniture, kitchen ware and some old clothes. I consolidated only my things that I needed or were my favorite into one closet, that way when it was time to leave I would pack everything up and go with it in my car. We saved the apartment cleaning for tomorrow because we all just wanted to go have a nice dinner and relax for the rest of the night.

To be continued…..

Thanks again folks for joining us for yet another installment of Devil at Dusk!

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