Monday, January 21, 2013

Vintage Fashion Inspiration From The Movies!

Okay folks I promised you that I would make my vintage fashion inspiration from the movies a regular feature so here it is! Before we get to that I need to make mention of this, last month I asked my blog followers what they wanted to see more of and Dr Blood of Dr Bloods Video Vault  blog: drbloodsvideovault  left me a nice message letting me know that he would like to see more fashion inspiration from the movies (types of posts) however he added a different spin to it and requested that they be from horror and film noir movies. Okay film noir is right up my alley but horror, I never really thought of featuring this genre in a fashion post. So he has posed a challenge for me and I do like a good challenge....but how can one blend vintage and horror??? A light bulb went off in my head and I thought of all the really great Hitchcock movies over the years! Brilliant!!!

So without further ado I present to you....

The Lady Vanishes
Starring Margarette Lockwood & Michael Redgrave
While traveling in continental Europe, a rich young playgirl realizes that an elderly lady seems to have disappeared from the train.

I saw this movie about a year ago and it was listed as a horror movie but it was not that horrible. It was still a good movie, I enjoyed it. It is an Alfred Hitchcock film from 1938. Here are some pictures, stills and images from the movie. Of course I will do my usual fashion commentary along the way. All images from google.

So far it looks good and mysterious 

Look at these snazzy dames they look quite stylish with their cocktails!

Fabulous fur and great hairstyle, the epitome of the 1930's.

Wow! I LOVE both of their outfits here! Look at all the stunning little details!

Sweet little slip that can double as a nightie.

Outfits with monograms need to come back into fashion.

More fashion goodness on both men and the ladies in this film!

A well made ladies wool suite is always fabulous! Don't forget the little details such as the hat, gloves and broach/corsage. 

Well that is it for now! Also thank you so much Dr Blood for your great suggestion, I am going to have some fun with this!




Mariela said...

Women in old films always look so great! They always look so classy. I need to make myself a nice vintage inspired camisole for spring blouses.

Dr Blood said...

You could also do Fay Wray from King Kong... if you can find a rather large monkey.

doctorcarnage said...

Lol. King Kong was a large gorilla. Not a monkey. But im sure you know