Monday, July 30, 2012

Hip hip hooray! My prize came today all the way from the UK!

I won a blog contest back in June on my birthday (June 25th) now how was that for timing! It finally arrived today all the way from the UK! Thank you Bruce Partington-Plans from the Eclectic Ephemera blog for having this contest and thanks for all of these wonderful things. This is what I received: Two reproduction movie posters (North By Northwest and Casablanca), A selection of stories and plays by Oscar Wilde and the Glenn Miller Story on DVD!!! I am so excited to have gotten all of these fabulous goodies. Thanks again Bruce!


Ivy Black said...

How wonderful! That Bruce has fab taste. I love it all, what a treat.

Bruce Partington-Plans said...

I'm so glad to see you got everything all right, Brooksie. Well, almost everything. There should be some reproduction British newspapers too, don't forget, but I had to send them separately so they may take another day or too to arrive. Still, not too bad for Surface Mail!

It's funny to see the prizes I know so well over there with you now. I do hope you enjoy them all! Lovely picture, by the way - is there any chance I could use it on my blog (with attribution, of course) for a follow-up post?