Thursday, April 19, 2012

Outfit for today

Even though it is technically spring here it is still very cold and wet. I can not wait for some sun, so I can wear my spring and summer dresses. It rains for about 10 months here (if we are lucky) and sometimes it rains almost all year and our summer will end up being about 3 weeks rain free in August. Life goes on and in the mean time we still wear wool skirts, high boots, and sweaters.

My outfit:

1940's blue sweater layered over basic brown v-neck ribbed sweater (about 10 years old) - 1940's sweater was gifted to me from my sister in law about 15 years ago it used to be hers. Brown sweater came from a charity shop.

Tin bird pin - Gift from co-worker (she just got back from the Gouguin art exhibit up in Seattle, she got me this pin and a post card of a Gouguin painting).

Plaid skirt - Charity shop.

Tights - Forever 21.

High leather boots - Hattie's Vintage

Close up of my little tin bird pin made in Japan - so cute - I love  bird motifs!
I guess I really fit in here in Portland because I put a bird on it! Anybody who has seen the "Put a bird on it" Portlandia episode will know what I am talking about here.