Thursday, April 5, 2012

Instead of an Easter basket how about an Easter cone!

I made these adorable Easter cones for the ladies I work with in the office. They were super easy and fun to make.

Just roll up colored construction paper into a cone shape and glue it together.

The pictures on the cones came out of last March/April's issue of Reminisce Magazine and they are all vintage Easter themed post cards except the pink cone which has an old add from 1948 for Paas Easter Egg Dye.

Next find little pictures and/or templates to download of festive Easter/spring images from online (I found butterfly's which I cut out and a template of a small egg shape which I used with contrasting colors of construction paper).

Take glue (I used Elmer's mixed with some water) and decoupage' all images onto the cones, then mix some glitter (I used very fine fairy dust glitter) with your glue and water combo and paint over the entire cone with it.

After your cone dries use a hole punch to punch a hole on either side of the cone and get a ribbon for each cone and knot it on the inside. (The pink ribbon I got says Je t'aime  which means love in French because I LOVE all things French).

The cones can then be filled with flowers, or chocolates, or tiny gifts etc... If you fill the cones with flowers be sure to trim the stems and wrap them in very damp paper towels with plastic wrap rubber banded around them and then foil to keep the flowers fresh and the cone dry.

These delightful little cones can be made for other holidays too! I personally think that some Halloween cones all done in black in orange would be grand!

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful and effective idea. These are beautiful.