Friday, March 30, 2012

The wolf ring.

My wolf ring is one of my favorite rings that I own and I have a few. I love it because it was beautifully handcrafted. Even though it was new when I bought it, it has an antique look to it. I usually only buy vintage jewelry but I will sometimes buy new if it has an antique look to it (because I wear almost all vintage, reproduction vintage, or vintage inspired clothing my jewelry can not look real modern or it would look out of place). Also when it comes jewelry, rings in particular, I like to buy things that are unique, something that makes a bit of a statement.

I got the wolf ring because it was unique and I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it, not because I am into wolves or werewolves or anything like that. I found the wolf ring at one of my favorite shops: lilleboutique. This wonderful boutique - just three blocks from where I live - specializes in lingerie which is all new but has a very vintage look to it (the owner hand picks items with a vintage vibe for the store). Plus they sell hosiery, some small antiques, handcrafted jewelry, a small selection of beautiful shoes, lovely skin care products, and more. The sales gals are very helpful and friendly. For a truly exceptional shopping experience that is a cut above the department store, I highly recommend Lille Boutique!


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Dr Blood said...

I'm into werewolves. :)

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