Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Make Do and Mend Attitude

The Make do and Mend Attitude started during WWII, it all began with clothing and fabric rations. Ladies started to re purpose their curtains and blankets into clothing (I have a really cute war time jumper style dress made out of a quilted blanket). This philosophy carried over to other parts of their lives and households.

I like to make do and mend whenever possible (now the term is reduce, reuse, and recycle but I still like to say make do and mend instead). One example of this is: I like to buy things in the bulk but I end up with lots of things sitting around in little bags in my cupboards which is pretty unsightly when you have really pretty, old time paned glass front cupboards like I do. I was going to go out and buy neat, tidy, and uniform plastic containers but what fun would that be? So I had to come up with a creative alternative that also included a bit of recycling... I mean making do!

I started saving my jars that I have from different food items and when the food was all gone I washed them up and air dried them for many hours. I ended up with a nice assortment of shapes and sizes including some really great glass milk jugs which make great containers for flour and almond meal. I am still not done, this is a work in progress and will be until every last thing has a place and a pretty glass jar of its own.

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Vix said...

Hello, fellow vintage queen! That looks rather like my cupboard, everything decanted into recycled receptacles and like you quite rightly say, where' the fun in a row of neat and mitchy-matchy containers? x