Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bohemian style of the late teen's and 20's

Over the years I have been very enchanted with the bohemian style that was going on (for a breif time) during the teen's and 20's. It has a very beautiful and whimsical feel to it. I have an entire CD (of about a 1000 pictures) collection of Ziegfeld girls and other gals in various stages of dress and undress. At one time I did a photo shoot (an implied nudity photo) where I am emulating one of the Ziegfeld girls (someday when I have the courage I may post this picture). For right now though I will share these pics of the lovely gals from my collection:


Francy said...

I love this kind of look! The drapey silhouettes are so relaxed and chic-looking. Thanks for sharing these amazing photos!

Katarina Kotselainen said...

So lovely photos! I hope to see your picture one day too :)