Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lillian Gish - One of the All Time Great Stars of the Silent Era Movies

I remember when I was in grade school, I used to go to a place to eat with my family called the Organ Grinder. At this place they served nothing but pizza. I LOVED coming to this place, my very favorite thing about was this; they used to show old silent movies up on a big screen and during the movie, a man would play this big wonderful organ and they had a bubble machine that would produce ooodles of bubbles at the same time. Now, I am sad to say the Organ Grinder has been closed for many years. I love to think about those old movies where damsels in distress played by actresses such as Lillian Gish were being tied to a train track by some creepy villian and then they get rescued by some handsome man who just happens along! *Sigh*

I do have to say because of this, Lillian Gish is one of my favorite silent film stars...she has a lot of expression in her face, big doe eyes, she appears intelligent, thoughtful, yet delicate and fragile, however she had a lot of strength and fortitude. She had an ethereal kind of beauty. She seems to have this hair that has a mind of its own, that sometimes is straight, fine and soft and other times it is curled and frizzes up easily. Some days when there is a lot of humidity my hair gets like that. Another thing I like about her is my grandma used to look like her when she was younger... the same big eyes, little turned up nose and in some of her pictures her hair is all fuzzed up like that. Some day when I get a scanner I will scan and display some pics of my grandma, she was pretty darn cute when she was young. My grandma was in her early 20's in the 1920's. Back to Lillian Gish, she was born in 1893 and passed away in 1993 (she lived a 100 years) that is amaizing! To think that we had this star with us for that many years until her starlight got dimmer and dimmer until her star was gone. Even though she is no longer with us we do have pictures to forever memorialize her and hopefully other future generations will be interested in these fabulous old time stars so that they can live on, one way or another.

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