Sunday, December 8, 2013

Devil at Dusk - Installment thirty two. "The last and final installment!"

Welcome all to Devil at Dusk Installment thirty two!

Sunday night the Sheriff’s Office got some more reports of UFO’s, this time the people that called said they saw lights of an unidentified flying object around the highway 15 area not far from the farmhouse. Monday morning Jerry and I went and got our search warrant and we made it back over to DD’s aka Mr. Baker’s (“the killer”) house while he was at work. Shortly after arriving we made it into the house, the first place we went was down to the basement. While searching the basement I noticed what looked to be blood stains on the floor and Jerry found a bag with many pairs of beige nylon seamed stockings in it, Eureka! This is the evidence that we really needed to link Baker to the murders. After that we checked the rest of the house but that was really all that we were able to come up with as far as evidence goes. So we left DD’s and went back to the Sheriff’s Office and we showed Sheriff Holifield what we found, we also mentioned the blood stains. The Sheriff told us that it was enough evidence to make an arrest.

By then it was already late in the afternoon so we had a few hours to make the preparations to go in and make our arrest. We contacted all the neighboring police departments and sheriff’s offices and we pulled as many officers, sheriffs, deputies and their dogs. This would also be Sugar the blood hound puppy’s first work debut. We all knew DD got off work in the early evening, at least a once or twice a week he would run some errands or go shopping after work in Bay Springs. We wanted to time it so we were all arriving at his house just around sunset, that way we knew he would be there. Soon it was time to pull our motorcade together, the Sheriff gave me a flashing light to attach to the top of my car and a siren, he told me since I was the lead investigator for this investigation that they wanted me to be at the head of the pack! I was speechless; I had assumed that I would just ride along with Jerry in his car!

So I lead the way for the rest of the motorcade of police vehicles and sheriff cars. We all had our lights and sirens on until we got a few miles from the farmhouse then we turned them off. We all finally arrived at the farmhouse and parked so we were surrounding the front of the house. Then we all started getting out of our vehicles. Just as we were starting to surround the house, DD was taking the trash out. He looked around and realized we were all there to come and get him! He started to run towards the partially wooded area out behind his house. All the men and I plus all of the dogs came after him. He ran through the small wooded area which ends up in a clearing, we all follow. After that we saw the most amazing sight ever!

We saw a large saucer shaped UFO!!! It was just on the edge of the woods in the clearing (a good spot for a UFO to land and to stay somewhat hidden for the most part). DD also sees the UFO (he had the dear in the head light look on his face) and he also sees the men surrounding him. The next thing we know an alien pops out of the UFO!!! It looks like a female (it has a body similar to a female that is) it was thin and short with a big oblong shaped head with big huge black eyes and a nose but it did not appear to have a mouth.  The skin on this thing had a greenish tint and was kind of leathery looking. She ran after DD (The Devil at Dusk) who was our killer. We all stared dumbfounded at the sight that unfolded in front of us! DD started to run toward the men but the men surged forward with guns drawn toward DD. Then the alien finally reaches DD! She takes one hand (her hand had three fingers on each hand, so a total of 2 hands with 6 fingers) then she takes 2 of the 3 fingers, reaches out and pinched the nerve where the base of the head and neck meet. DD drops to the ground, he was out cold! Then the alien rips his clothes off and drags him to her UFO and pulls him in! Then she fires up her UFO, turns on enough lights to light up a football stadium then proceeds to take off!!!

We all just stood there watching like we were in a daze! I really think we were in a daze, I think the alien put something in the air to basically make us stand there and do nothing. Afterwards we all said we felt numb and the whole thing seamed to happen so fast. We felt like we had been in a fog bank.We all got into our cars and drove back to our houses. Jerry came back to my place, we go in, Jerry sits on the couch and I get us some tea. I come back with the tea and sit next to him. We were both still in shock by what we had seen. I say to Jerry… well that was bar none the strangest damn thing I have ever seen in my entire life. Jerry nods his head and says yes ma’am, strangest damn thing ever!!!

The End

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