Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Devil at Dusk - Installment Twenty Nine

Welcome all to Installment Twenty Nine of Devil at Dusk!

After Marguerite was done looking at all of the evidence, Jerry and I took her around to all of the places where the murder victims had been found. Marguerite told us she would collect all the information she could from these things and places, then while we were at dinner she said she would discuss her findings with us. She said it would be better that way instead of bit by bit because by the end of the day she would have more of a complete picture rather than just fragments to share with us.

Half way through the day we needed a break, so we all came back to my cottage and I made us sandwiches, sweet tea and some fruit for lunch. When we were done with lunch we all got back into Jerry’s car and hit the road again. By the end of the day we had managed to go to all of the sites where our victims had been found. Jerry drove Marguerite and I over to Ling’s for some Chinese food for dinner. During dinner Marguerite shared with us the information that she had picked up; she told us she believed that the killer’s last name is Baker, she said she believed that the cuff links I had found by the railroad tracks did indeed belong to him (the cuff links I found had the letters AMB on them, so I was correct they were initials).
Marguerite said that he is only about 5 ft 4 in tall, with a stocky build; he has medium brown hair with a crew cut, blue eyes, light skin and a round face. She told us he drives a white or cream colored 1950 Pontiac, he works as a pharmacist over at the pharmacy in Bay Springs  MS, which is right on HWY 15 and is about 15 miles away from the town of Laurel. She also said he lives in a big old farmhouse in a semi secluded area about 7 miles from Laurel and that his house is also just off of HWY 15.

Marguerite said that our killer kills because he had been molested by the lady that was his care taker when he was a child; she was from the town of Laurel. His mother had a nervous breakdown when Baker was 8 years old and she was put in a mental institution. His dad hired a lady who was 29 years old and had a 10 month old baby to come to take care of him while his dad was at work, his dad worked 10 hours a day, five days a week. This lady took care of him for almost a year. Marguerite says that Baker never got help or counseling so now he is getting his revenge on the young women in the town of Laurel.

The description that Marguerite gave matched what Rose the gal that almost was kidnapped, gave us right on down to his physical description and his car. Also after Charlotte came up with her sketch and we showed it around to people, some people thought he looked vaguely familiar because he just lived down the road but he did look so familiar that people knew directly who he was. I was guessing that was because he worked in Bay Springs so he probably did mostly all of his shopping, errands etc… in Bay Springs and probably only came into Laurel to stalk and kidnap then kill his victims. The whole time Marguerite was talking I was taking notes. After dinner Jerry dropped off Marguerite and I at my cottage. I told Marguerite to go in and make herself comfortable and that I would be in shortly. Jerry stood on my front porch and whispered in my ear to have a good night. He gave me a hug and a kiss and then he went off into the night.
I went into my cottage and sat on the couch to listen to the music on the radio, while I processed all of the information from the day. Marguerite came out of the bathroom where she had been getting ready to go to bed. She came over to tell me good night, she was such a tiny waif of a girl, I had to keep reminding myself she was in her 20’s and not a teenager. I stood up and gave her a big huge hug and thanked her so much because she was the key really for me to be able to finally track down and get the “monster”.  Marguerite said she was so glad she was able to come and help out. I told her to be ready to leave the cottage to go home by 9 am. She said very good and goodnight.

To be continued….

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