Monday, December 3, 2012

Fashion Inspiration From The Movie The Changeling 2008.

All photos from Google.

I got this movie some time ago from the library gift shop where they sell gently used DVDs at a greatly discounted price. I had heard that the Changeling was a good movie and the costuming was quite fabulous so I had to get it and have a look see.

The film was directed by Clint Eastwood and staring Angelina Jolie. It starts off in 1928 and ends up in the 30's. It is about a woman who's young son ends up missing. The movie has some twists and turns, it is also based on true events so it is worth watching.

Now the part you are waiting for, the lovely outfits:

Most fabulous coat with fur collar and look at those wonderful shoes with the buckle! Plus the perfect finger waves!
The picture perfect cloche hat and a beautiful face.
Look at that absolutely gorgeous sea foam green silk chiffon dress!
Nightwear in pretty soft colors and sheer, silky fabrics.
Nice but very much forgotten touches such as the corsage or silk flower lapel pin.
Most of the costumes were various shades of greens and browns which makes matching and putting together outfits a dream.
Always the perfect pin curled set. What a wonderful hat (very much a Casablanca type of hat from the 30's, I am very happy to say I have one like it AND look at the green wool suit!).
Nice little patterned apron for all of the domestic every day house hold chores.
Last but not least another great outfit.
Ciao my Bella's!

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