Saturday, November 10, 2012

Birthday fun at the coast!

It was my sweetheart Tim's Birthday on November 6th so we went for four days and stayed at the Inn at Otter Crest to celebrate. The Inn at Otter Crest is a wonderful place to stay, Tim's family has a time share there. They have a living room, kitchen, two full bathrooms and a bedroom. There is a pool, hot tub and sauna (I love the hot tub) with a wonderful view of the ocean from the room. It is also just a few miles to town which is Newport. Here are some pictures of our adventures:

Tim's car.

These pictures above are all pictures of the view from our room.The first night we got there we just cooked dinner, ate and relaxed.

The next day was absolutely beautiful for this time of year sunny with blue sky and some fluffy white clouds, the temperature was about 67 degrees out with very little wind. We took a little hike through a wooded area which led to the beach and then we walked the rest of the way back on the beach.

Me with the view of the Inn at Otter Crest and the ocean in the background.

Me on Otter Beach.

Water fall at Otter Beach.

Tim at the waterfall on Otter Beach.

After the long beach walk we came back fixed lunch and ate then we got into the car for a little drive a few miles down the road and some exploration in a little town called Historic Nye Beach.

Historic Nye Beach
This is a wonderful little place to visit, it is right on the ocean and has several nice stores and bistros. We came home had dinner then went in the hot tub and relaxed before bed.

On day three we woke up to much cooler weather and lots of rain and drizzle but we did not let it get us down, we forged ahead anyways. We went to Newport on the bay to pick up some fresh caught seafood to cook back at the room and to also do a little bit of window shopping.

Me at down at the bay.

A lady told me today that my outfit looked very smart!

Look at all of those seals on that rock!

The little town of Newport.

More pictures of the bay.

Fresh seafood from the market: Oysters, scallops and crab, fresh caught earlier that morning.

Before heading back to the room we stopped off at a antique mall and I found some things:

My antique mall finds include: a really cute velvet Jessica McClintock dress with built in crinoline, a pair of springolator shoes from the 1950's and a Banana Republic 1930's style vintage inspired dress (the Banana Republic dress is 100% silk and was only $2.00 and is in perfect condition). After shopping at the antique mall we headed to the room and cooked up our delicious seafood and took a dip in the hot tub once it got dark (a perfect way to end a cold drizzly day at the bay).

The next day we cleaned the room and headed for home! We had a lovely time.

Until next time!


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MistressCatgirl said...

You got some great finds there. The black dress with bows is very cute. What a fun weekend! The hubby and I LOVE hot tubs. Back home, there was a place called Neptune's Lagoon where you could rent the hot tubs hourly. It was a lot of fun.