Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Outfit for today

Today's outfit was a fun and colorful one! I decided to do a 1940's turban because I have been very inspired by some of the other bloggers lately. I had errands to do today so I was walking to the stop to catch the city train because I had to go to the mall to drop off some things at the shoe repair place. It was fun to see the people stare at me and also fun to see people get big huge smiles on there faces, now that was the best! On the way back I was walking in the cross walk in front of a bus and there was a guy on the bus in a fedora with some round vintage looking sun glasses he sat up real straight and kept looking and looking at me as I was going by, he must have been a kindred spirit!

Okay so now for the outfit details:

Hair turban is made up of 3 scarves - One is a silk vintage novelty tourist scarf that is all about California (it was thrifted) the next one is a red chiffon (also thrifted) the one on the very bottom that you can not see (from the Vintage by the Pound Store - more on that another time).

Hat pins - Larger one with pearls and rhinestones (from my mom), the small one - it may even be a straight pin with a pearl on the end of it but it makes a great hat/scarf pin (came from my grandmas sewing box).

1930's cotton dress - Gift.

Bakelite bangles all except the largest one (the one that is orange, red and yellow) I think is Lucite - Various antique malls, stores and shows.

Hosiery - Thrift store (never worn still in the original package).

Shoes Bandolino brand - thrift store


Dina said...

I love that dress, it's so colorful and cheery! Your bakelite looks awesome with it, too!

garofit said...

This really suits you, and that dress is a stunner. Wonderful outfit, i LOVE it!

Printingtextil Natasha said...

I really like this pictures!!

TheRitzyFlapper said...

oh my goodness i just love your outfit!!! :) ijust adore the pattern and color on the dress and you stockings and shoes are just adorable! :) you look just stunning my dear! :) and im completely jealous of your dress hahaha!! :) i love your blog its always so interesting!! :) i cant wait to see more posts!! :)

wishing you an amazing day,
TheRitzyFlapper (Alicia)