Thursday, October 21, 2010

Avon? Yes, Avon!

Me with the Mee-ow hat (faux leopard-print beret) and Poppy Love lipstick and gloss in one.
I have not really thought about Avon too much in more recent years. The last time I thought about it was grade school when my mom used to buy me those plastic solid perfume pins (I had an Easter bunny one and a ginger bread man - I loved them when I was a kid).

However I have been thinking about it a lot more latly and that is because my co-worker Shelley is an Avon Representative. Each week she brings the new catalogs - I have to confess the first couple rounds of catalogs I did not really pay attention to them, then one day I decided I had better take a peak. What a surprise! I put myself up to a personal challenge that if I found things that a vintage wearing gal would like that I would buy them, now I have been finding my self wanting something from just about every catalog.

I found this adorable fuzzy beret called the Mee-ow Hat that I have on in the pic above (I love it!). I also found the sweater berets with matching gloves and scarf - the sweater sets are made out a sweater like knit and come in a few beautiful jewel tones and the berets even have an actual jewel like setting attached to them - it was a hard decision on between a sweater beret in a lovely jewel tone and the Mee-ow Hat but the Mee-ow Hat won!

I have also found the Poppy Love lipstick (I had been searching for a great 1930's Chinese Red for a while) and the Poppy Love Satin Lipstick is the closest I have found. The Poppy Love Lipstick is lipstick and in the middle of it is a lipgloss applicator so it can be worn three ways: the lipstick on it's own, lipgloss on it's own or you can combine the lipstick and gloss together. I love it - very moisturizing and it has a very nice light fruit scent too. I have also found so many other cool things in the Avon catalog pages, such as beautiful vintage looking jewlry, hats, make-up, and more. Plus ordering from Avon is very convienient too. So you all know I am not a rep for them and I do not get any money and/or gifts to do this blog. I really have been enjoying the stuff I had been getting and thought others might like these things too plus I am helping to support my friend Shelley and her business.

If you would like to check out Shelley's website on Avon just go to the link above, to request a catalog: e-mail Shelly Heidegger:

Poppy Love Lipstick on top of the back cover of the Vintage Faces book by Angela Bjork and Daniela Turudich.


Nancy said...

That hat is adorable. Haha, I am still laughing over its name...

Sarsaparilla said...

Just discovered your blog this morning - how fun!

I haven't looked at an Avon catalog in years. I would never have guessed that they sell hats! It looks darling on you...

*Katia* said...

thanks for being a new follower :)