Thursday, September 16, 2010

Before Pic

Photo by Matt Adamik
I thought I would post a before my new hair cut picture - this picture was taken at the end of May 2010 and is one of the more recent pictures taken of me. Of course the most recent ones are from the Live Art Show last Saturday. The picture was taken by my friend Matt who is a professional photographer, he does really awesome work. I have done a few other shoots with him, one of my favorite shoots was a 1930's themed shoot that looks like I just stepped out of the 1930's. That shoot was taken with my best friend Andrew (who also loves the Art Deco period). I will post some photos of the 30's shoot another time.

Now about my this picture it was cut in a U shape and is longer in the back (about 4 inches longer or more), I had curled it with hot sticks and took the sticks out just moments before the shoot (when Matt got there the rollers were still in) so you can see how well my hair does not curl.I decided to get my hair cut into a style rather then to leave it long and to try to force it into a style. So I went with my good ol' stand by the Louise Brooks bob also known as the LB bob.

As you can all see the long hair was just not working for me, when ever I would curl it would end up looking stringy and fuzzy. When I would torture it into victory rolls it never looked glossy and smooth but like a couple of fuzz balls on my head. You see my hair is extremely straight naturally along with being fine and soft with a very glassy cuticle and is why it does this style (the LB bob) so well. I have had so many compliments after getting it cut everybody says it is a such a good change and that short hair suits me well.

It only makes sense that it would because not only is the Art Deco period my favorite in history - the clothing of the 20's and the 30's are the most flattering on my figure type because I have a body like a 1920's flapper. So, it is only natural that this type of style would work well for me. I believe there is a period in history that works with every gals figure, face shape, and bone structure. I feel that if more women were to tap into this theory that they would find clothing and hairstyles that would be super flattering to them personally. It makes me want to open a vintage and repro boutique, that specializes in finding the era and silhouette that is perfect for each women. I would of course offer clothing, accessories, hair stylists, and make-up artists. However this is just a dream of mine (one of many) but I have had this one since 2000 when I first had a vision of it in my mind.


Pixie Drive-In said...

I love your hair! It is a very flattering style for you. I also completely love your boutique dream. It is definitely a good idea, especially since vintage is becoming more popular, and lots of people would like some tips about how they can pull it off.

garofit said...

i'd like to the a pic with your hair now....i have had long hair for a long time, and although mine doesn't like to curl i think i can obtain fairly good results - nothing too fantastic. i do like it for its versatility - it means i can do 40s, but 30s as well, even fake a bob sometimes - of course faking is not the real thing. and i miss the authenticity of the the hair style, especially as i tend to gravitate more and more towards the 30s and 20s - got the body to go with those eras, like you.
so i've been through a period of bob lust lately, yet i resisted the impulse to go for the cut, perhaps it's just hard to let go, i don't know. i've also been pretty traumatized by hairdressers, i'm more scared of them than i am of dentists :)
don't know what to do, i'm on the fence