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Interview with Matt Deckard of Matt Deckard Apparel.

Matt Deckard
Matt Deckard

Dave Vanian of The Damned
Matt's client: Dave Vanian
of the punk band The Damned.

For this month I chose to interview Matt Deckard of Matt Deckard Apparel. I decided on Matt because of his keen sense of style and his wonderful sartorial knowledge. I really enjoyed doing this interview; he is both witty and charming. From the very moment I had him on the phone I felt like I was talking to a good friend that I have known forever.

Now for a little back ground on the Matt Deckard Apparel Company: Located in Orange County California and traveling across the US. The suits are bespoke and made by appointment only and require meeting with one of the tailors before ordering. Shirts are available bespoke or made to order in sizes. Go to the website at: to see the styles available to be custom made just for you from hundreds of high quality fabrics from around the world to choose from.

Now it's interview time:

BROOKSIE: Thank you so much Matt for participating in this interview, I really appreciate it. When did you first develop your sense of personal style?

MATT: It was during my high school years when I was about 15 years old, I really admired golden era movies and how the men in them dressed. I was inspired by the fit of the clothes back in the day of those movie stars, such as Jimmy Stewart, Cary Grant, and Humphrey Bogart.

BROOKSIE: How long have you been into things of the vintage nature?

MATT: I really started to get into vintage during the swing movement of the late 90's, even though I did not swing dance at the time, I loved the clothes and enjoyed spending time with others of a like mind. Soon after that I got into swing dancing because for me it was a natural progression. In this day and age I have noticed that the sense of occasion is lost and there is now a complete lack of dressing up in society.

BROOKSIE: Why specifically ( besides having a love for clothes) did you start your company Matt Deckard Apparel?

MATT: Due to a frustration with clothes fitting right, nothing off the rack fit well at all, so I decided to go with custom made suits and even they did not look, feel, or fit right. The tailors all seemed to have one shape fit all attitudes. Even though suits are still being made nobody was really doing suits in the styles of the bygone eras that had pretty much became a lost art. So, I found some tailors that were willing to work with me and to be trained to resurrect they suits of yesterday for the modern man of today. My suits are designed around each individual's anatomy, with comfort and a sense of balance being high priorities. Each suit really is personalized, accentuating the positive and minimizing the flaws. Integrity of craftsmanship and quality of materials are also very important to me and my company.

BROOKSIE: In one sentence describe your clothing line?

MATT: Suits for the man of action.

BROOKSIE: I know we have a few things in common and one of those things is a love of the 20's and 30's, why are you drawn to this particular time period?

MATT: The romance of those eras is a big part of it along with the clothing from that time - they seem to go hand in hand.

BROOKSIE: What advice would you give gentlemen on how to look sharp and well dressed?

MATT: Quality is always luxury but luxury is not always quality. For example go to one of your big name high dollar department stores. Take a real close look at a big name designer suit. Because of the name we equate it to luxury, yes this is true but take a closer look at the suit, what kind of fabric is it made out of is it thick or thin? Take a look at the construction of the suit and last but not least look at the fit, be honest how does it really fit? Does all of this luxury really equal quality? Then ask yourself what are you paying for, just a name or true quality?

BROOKSIE: When did you start Matt Deckard Apparel?

MATT: Late in 2007.

BROOKSIE: Here is one last question for you - what is your all time favorite thing to do?

MATT: Swing dancing of course.

This concludes this month's interview, thanks again Matt it was a pleasure interviewing you. Here is Matt's website again:

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Andi B. Goode said...

This is super interesting. Thanks! It's great to see such stylish men's clothes. Now, if I only had a man to wear them...
-Andi x